The Side-Slip Seat System Makes the Middle Spot More Desirable

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: & fastcodesign
The Side-Slip Seat system was developed by Molon Labe Designs, a Colorado-based start-up.

As many frequent flyers know, being assigned the middle seat often means an uncomfortable journey, due to the lack of elbow room and the awkwardness that comes with being sandwiched in between two complete strangers. To make this spot more enticing, Molon Labe Designs placed the seats together in a staggered design, so that the middle one is slightly further back and is a little lower than the two on either side of it.

By doing this, the start-up was able to make the seat about three inches wider. In addition, the staggered design means that those in the middle have more access to elbow room, making the whole experience significantly more comfortable. Apart from maximizing the comfort of flyers, the Side-Slip Seat system saves time on boarding, due to the mobility offered by the unique design, which allows the seat closest to the aisle to slide over the middle seat.