Hawaiian Airlines' New Cabin Design Incorporates Cultural Details

 - Apr 15, 2017
References: newsroom.hawaiianairlines & psfk
By the end of the year, all of the cabins in Hawaiian Airlines' Airbus A321neo aircraft fleet will have been completely redesigned with a focus on incorporating meaningful aspects of the Hawaiian culture.

JPA Design was tasked with redoing the interior design of the airline cabins and came up with a number of ways to weave in elements of the island's spirit and traditions. For instance, the redesigned cabins will feature bark cloth and fishing nets along the walls, as well as mood lights that mimic the serene colors of a Hawaiian sunrise. Over the course of a traveler's journey, these lights change subtly to reflect other color schemes that are unique to Hawaii.

Those who are curious about previewing the new cabin interiors may do so online with a virtual tour.