The Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm Provides Peace of Mind on the Go

 - Jun 12, 2017
References: bustle & target
It’s not uncommon to let your imagination run a little wild when you close your eyes at night -- we’ve all heard of the monsters under the bed, or the boogeyman in the closet. Even though those monsters aren’t real, there are other threats out there that need a little bit more attention. So what’s the cost of peace of mind when tucking yourself in? How about when you are traveling abroad, or in a new environment? It could be just $12 with the Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm.

The doorknob hanging motion detector triggers the alarm when the door opens, emitting a siren call to alert you to an intruder. The alarm also flashes a built-in LED to light your way. The travel gadget is perfect for those who want that extra security blanket without the extra cost.