This Luxury Hotel for Cats Provides Comfortable Climate-Controlled Bedrooms

 - Jul 20, 2017
References: longcroftcathotel & luxurylaunches
London is set to become home to a new hotel for cats that will provide a range of luxury services for feline friends.

The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Norbury is set to host its grand opening in a few days, introducing six suites with climate-controlled bedroom areas and dedicated play spaces. The luxury cat hotel will also offer room service, which makes sure all of a pet's needs are attended to with one-on-one care.

A number of premium pet products and services and being launched with a focus on helping pet owners provide their companions with the same level of pampering that they expect for themselves. Other examples of this include human-grade pet treats, as well as a number of unexpected pet-friendly venues such as cafes, theme parks and ice cream shops.