Tokyo's VR Zone Shinjuku is Unveiling a VR Experience Based on Gundam

 - Sep 27, 2017
References: vrzone-pic & japantrends
Later this year, the VR Zone Shinjuku virtual reality entertainment facility in Tokyo, Japan, is set to launch an all-new VR attraction based on the anime series Gundam.

The ride is based on The Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield, an arcade game that was originally launched in 2006, although players will be treated to an entirely different experience thanks to the integration of virtual reality technology. Players will be stationed in a motion cockpit that will make them feel as if they're operating one of the Gundam robots from the inside.

The attraction for those over the age of 13 is set to be open November 10th to January 9th, with the experience lasting roughly 20-minutes, including the briefing.