ZephVR is an Accessory That Adds Wind Effects to a VR Experience

 - Nov 11, 2017
References: zephvr.co & nbc29
ZephVR is a virtual reality accessory that leverages the power of machine learning to add a wind effect to a simulation, making it possible for a deeper multi-sensory experience to be created.

ZephVR is an accessory that can be attached to a variety of popular VR headsets. Once affixed, the ZephVR's machine learning kicks in to activate the system's fans to make flying, falling or accelerating feel all the more life-like. As ZephVR's CEO and co-founder Sean Spielberg puts it: "Until now, experiences that incorporate wind have only been available at theme parks and exhibitions."

Although immersive virtual reality environments have the potential to capture the attention of audiences with impressive visuals alone, there are technologies being created to engage all of one's senses. Alongside ZephVR's innovative accessory, there are now also add-ons for scent, as well as haptic full-body suits and accessories to deepen one's experience of a VR environment.