Google's Daydream is Creating the VR180 with Lenovo, LG and YI Technology

 - Oct 21, 2017
In the same way that Spectacles by Snap capture highly realistic first-person footage with their 115-degree-angle lens, Google's Daydream is introducing the point-and-shoot VR180 video camera to make it easy to create virtual reality video content.

The VR180 is set to make it possible to "capture the world as you see it," making it of use to content creators who film everything from vlogs to makeup videos and other tutorials. To introduce YouTube viewers to some of the kinds of stereoscopic video content that can be filmed with its innovative new video camera, YouTube now has a 'Discover VR180' playlist.

The VR180 is being developed in collaboration with Lenovo, LG, and YI Technology and is set for release this winter.