Sol-ti's 'Arctic Chaga' Offers the Benefits of a Medicinal Mushroom

 - Oct 10, 2017
References: solti & trndmonitor
Sol-ti's Arctic Chaga Hotbrew Tea offers what the brand calls "the king of medicinal mushrooms" in the form of a bottled tea that may easily be consumed on the go. At the base of the beverage, Sol-ti uses purified reverse osmosis water that is free from metals and chemicals to enrich the antioxidant-rich, energizing properties of the Arctic Chaga spore. As a sweetener, maple syrup was selected for being rich in calcium, iron and minerals.

Sol-ti also offers a range of cold-pressed juice products for health, as well as a coldbrew tea collection.

Medicinal mushrooms can now be found in a range of food and beverage products for health, particularly because they are now coming into the spotlight as adaptogens, which promote balance and help the body better respond to stress.