McDonald's Japan Launched a Melon McShake for Spring

The new Melon McShakes that were available for a limited time during the spring of 2017 from select McDonald's Japan locations featured fruit from Hokkaido, a northern island in the country that's known for its delicious agricultural products.

As RocketNews24 reports, the first branches to offer the exclusive smoothie were located in Hokkaido, for "a bit of hometown favoritism." As the recipe includes milk, the smoothies have a creamy taste that works wonderfully with the sweet flavor of the mango. Due to this, McDonald's Japan has stated that "its target for the dessert beverage is to recreate the luxurious sensation of biting into a slice of melon."

With locally sourced ingredients, affordable prices, and an air of exclusivity, the Melon McShake was incredibly enticing for those who had access to it.