Bliss Health Uses Its Branding to Indicate How It Should Be Consumed

 - May 9, 2017
References: anagrama & packagingoftheworld
Bliss Health offers a collection of nutritious juices that are meant to be consumed via a daily step-by-step program, with its steps being made clear through a playful design pattern on the bottles' labeling.

The juices are made through a cold-pressing process that ensures that the fruits and vegetables they contain are able to retain their nutritious qualities. The minimalist branding offers a modern interpretation of vintage pharmaceutical labels. At the bottom of each Bliss Health juice there exists six circles that indicate through color what order they should be consumed in. The first drink in the collection features six fully colored circles, while the others have filled in black circles to indicate the order of the rest of the drinks.

The minimalist yet playful branding for Bliss Health gives consumers incentive to stay committed to the step-by-step process by which its beverages are best consumed.