Sam Cho's 'Coffee Cube' Rethinks the Drip Coffee Maker

 - May 24, 2017
References: coroflot & core77
Coffee aficionados of late have searched out countless obscure ways to prepare coffee, from pouring it through beakers to heating it with sand, but the 'Coffee Cube,' a concept design by Sam Cho, brings the hot beverage back to its classic roots (in North America at least.)

Drip coffee makers are far less popular now, but twenty or so years ago they were the standard for making coffee at home. Those home appliances weren't typically very attractive, but the Coffee Cube is reimagining what they might look like. Instead of the oddly designed hour glass shape of the typically drip coffee maker, the Coffee Cube is nearly perfectly cubic, as its name implies. As such, it looks closer to a Keurig machine than a drip coffee maker, easing the design transition for modern consumers.