Löfbergs' Jubileum Blend Pairs Artisanal Beans and Fruit Aromas

 - May 30, 2017
References: shop.lofbergslila
The Löfbergs Jubileum blend is a fruity dark roast coffee that will appeal to those who aren't afraid to experiment with bold flavors. The Karlstad, Sweden-based brand is known for offering a mix of natural bean, filter, and capsule coffee varieties. While dark roast blends are known for their rich flavor profile, they are seldom synonymous with sweet or fruity notes -- something this product embraces.

This delicious coffee is made from artisanal Arabica beans, and natural fruit aromas that are fused to create a unique combination that will satisfy caffeine cravings while pushing traditional flavor boundaries.

Each bag of Löfbergs Jubileum coffee is sourced from East Africa, Brazil and Central American regions and is conveniently ground for filter use.