From Rose-Hued Chocolates to Millennial Pink Salads

 - Feb 27, 2018
These Millennial Pink food and beverage innovations range from rose-hued chocolate bars to pink-shaded salad entrees. When it comes to confections, the growing popularity of artisanal cotton candy desserts, pink-hued statement cakes and handcrafted rose chocolates speaks to consumers' ongoing social media obsession and their desire to make every indulgence an experience that can be shared with their online following.

When examining spirits and other alcohol, a recent rose obsession has lead many other alcohol manufactuers to follow suit, resulting in the surge of color-changing and rose-hued gins and even mineral waters and ciders that boast the classically feminine shade.

Other Millennial pink food and beverage innovations to note include pink prosecco-flavored cheeses, tuna-infused pizzas with a pink hue and even rose-hued noodles that are paired with packaging that is equally as eye-catching.