This Teaquation Cafe Beverage is Colored by Red Prickly Pear Juice

 - Sep 1, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
Although there are many dazzling food and beverage products that have been released this year that show off a rainbow of shades, many of them are prepared with artificial colors and additives—but not this standout horchata drink from California's Teaquation Cafe.

The 'Latitude Zero' is a pink horchata beverage that gets its distinctive coloring from red prickly pear juice, which is combined with traditional horchata ingredients like rice milk and cinnamon.

Rather than focusing solely on flavor, many cafes and eateries are releasing food and beverage products that are first and foremost aesthetically pleasing. In addition to putting a fun twist on authentic horchata drinks, Latitude Zero captures the interests of many consumers who are looking for a creatively reinvented classic with its bright Millennial pink color.