The Newest Smartfood Delight Flavor is Herb-Based

 - Oct 2, 2017
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Smartfood Delight is the Smartfood brand's low calorie popcorn snack collection, and it is offering a new flavor based in rosemary and olive oil that is sure to excite fans of the brand.

As long as popcorn is not covered in excessive amounts of butter or oil it can actually be a healthy treat, and Smartfood Delight takes advantage of that fact with its low calorie selections. The new Rosemary and Olive offering is verified non-GMO, does not contain artificial flavors or preservatives, is made with 100% whole grain corn, has no trans fat, contains 50% less fat than the classic Smartfood cheese popcorn snack, and is a very high source of fibre.

This new Smartfood flavor is well-suited for those looking for a treat that is not too heavy in calories, and not harmful to their health.