The MOO Blueberry & Maca Power Yoghurt Supports Your Energy Level

 - Nov 11, 2017
References: & trndmonitor
Functional products are becoming more popular as consumers seek out ways to support their active lifestyles more seamlessly, which is seeing new options like the MOO Blueberry & Maca Power Yoghurt coming about. The dairy product is made with a delicious blend of blueberry and maca that has been made into a compote before being added to the snack. The yoghurt is rich and creamy, yet maintains a recipe that is free from gelatin, while also boasting an Australian-made origin.

The MOO Blueberry & Maca Power Yoghurt is topped with shaved coconut to make it more like a dessert than a traditional yoghurt that you would find in the dairy case. This makes it a suitable snack to enjoy midday when energy levels begin to dip.