- Jan 28, 2019
These cooling beauty products explore a number of different ways that brands are now sharing various refreshing treatments in the form of skincare and cosmetics. Some products naturally play up the inherently refreshing properties of ingredients like cucumber, aloe and watermelon, while others incorporate cooling, antimicrobial metal rollerball applicators.

While cooling properties are often incorporated into gels, lotions and creams, they are now also being unexpectedly incorporated into powdered products. With the rise of athleisure, a number of fitness-themed cooling beauty products are being launched, such as setting mists and hydrating skincare sticks that are portable and mess-free, unlike many cooling liquids.

Now that some avid beauty consumers are investing in luxury skincare fridges, some brands are even releasing entire product sets that are meant to be refrigerated.

From Cooling Facial Powders to Refrigerated Beauty Boxes: