Planetarians Repurposes Food Waste, Plus Addresses Obesity and Nutrition

 - Nov 15, 2017
References: planetarians & treehugger
'Planetarians' is a company that sets itself apart by tackling several pressing issues head-on with its high-protein, high-fiber snacks.

The snacks give new life to wasted foods such as sunflower meal, potato starch and sunflower oil, the making of which involves a process that transforms insoluble fiber into digestible snacks that provide more protein per serving than meat. As an alternative to packaging its products in bags, Planetarians favors on-the-go cups that can easily be packed into bags and school lunches.

As well as creatively repurposing food waste, Planetarians also touches on issues such as nutrition and childhood obesity. Planetarians prides itself on creating "snacks against obesity" that kids will enjoy, as fiber and plant protein can play a part in the prevention of diet-related diseases.