McCormick's Versatile Asian Broths Can Be Used in Soups, Stews and Sautées

As well as introducing a range of new Simply Asia noodles for making delicious Asian-inspired meals at home, McCormick is introducing two versatile Asian broths. The new line of Simply Asia Broths introduce Japanese Inspired Ramen Soy Ginger Chicken and Vietnamese Inspired Pho Beef varieties, which may be used for adding flavor to vegetables as well as forming the bases of soups and stews. To emphasize just how simple it is to whip up a flavorful meal at home, the packaging includes illustrated three-step guides to making either authentic ramen or pho.

Both new products feature five grams of protein per one cup of broth, which will appeal to consumers who are looking for flavorful ways to add more of this essential nutrient to their diet.