The Dash Compact Air Fryer Reduces Added Fat by 80%

 - Mar 22, 2018
References: & thegadgetflow
Fried food is notorious for being deliciously bad for our health, so the Dash Compact air fryer has been developed as a cost-effective appliance that will work to create the indulgent foods without all the oil.

Capable of reducing the amount of added fats in foods by up to 80%, the appliance works by having foods added in and turned on to the desired temperature. The machine will preserve the flavor of the food during preparation and create meals or side dishes that taste just as good as something pulled straight out of the deep fryer.

The Dash Compact air fryer appliance boasts a 1.2 liter capacity to handle a solid level of food, while the dishwasher-safe unit comes in four different color options.