This Kitchen Spatula Slips Under Foods and Grabs on Tightly

 - Mar 6, 2017
References: amazon & thegreenhead
Those who are on the hunt for the ideal kitchen spatula can make use of the Egg Spatula as an effective way to easily slip underneath foods and create a grip for easy flipping.

Traditional spatulas have done their job just fine over the years, but only make use of gravity in order to keep foods in place on the end of the utensil. The Egg Spatula works differently by incorporating the spatula portion with a top utensil that can grip onto eggs, bacon, burgers and much more for quicker flipping results.

The kitchen spatula works best with eggs in order to flip them without having to worry that you'll break the yolk. The Egg Spatula offers a variety of different uses in the kitchen thanks to the tong design it features.