Misen Cookware is Durably Designed and Inexpensively Priced

 - Sep 29, 2017
References: kickstarter & gearhungry
At-home chefs who are getting more involved with cooking will likely be well aware of just how much name brand equipment can cost, so Misen Cookware is here to offer an alternative that's even better quality.

Featuring an enhanced 3mm thickness and a five-ply design, the cookware is designed to offer a no-frills experience that is simple, demure and focused on premium results.

Investing in traditional cookware can cost countless hundreds or even thousands, which is something that Misen Cookware fights back against. The brand is focused on providing quality products at a fair price point to make the best equipment accessible to anyone. This acknowledges consumer preferences for honest branding that is fair, transparent and more focused on providing an exceptional product rather than just a fancy name.