The Lakanto Golded Monkfruit Sugar Substitute is Rich and Refined

 - Aug 5, 2017
References: amazon
The market for alternative sweeteners is expanding as consumers look for ways to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners, so the Lakanto Golded Monkfruit sugar substitute comes as a more niche option to pick up.

Formulated to taste just like brown sugar, the sweetener is ideal for use in baking, cooking or in your coffee and tea without the associated calories or associated tooth decay that can come with sugar consumption.

The Lakanto Golded Monkfruit sugar substitute is non-GMO, contains zero additives, vegan, gluten-free and even has no aftertaste which will come as welcome news to those who don't like the taste of stevia or xylitol. The sweetener can be used in place of traditional or brown sugar with a 1:1 replacement ratio.