The Sportes MITI-001 Firewood Barbecue is Placed on a Burning Log

It's usually that you'll use wood as the fuel for your barbecue, but the Sportes MITI-001 firewood barbecue works to use the firewood itself as the barbecue. The Sportes MITI-001 works by being placed on top of a log that has been quartered and lit on fire to provide enough heat to prepare foods just to your liking.

The Sportes MITI-001 barbecue follows on the Swedish Log tradition that has existed in Europe for centuries and offers a functional means of cooking in the outdoors without needing many accoutrements. The Sportes MITI-001 firewood barbecue is crafted from stainless steel to ensure it's ready to withstand extended usage bouts and has been laser cut to ensure a precise design. The Sportes MITI-001 is the design work of C├ędric Sportes of Sportes Outdoor Tools.