- Sep 27, 2017
These September 2017 home trends highlight everything from unconventional furniture pieces to ultra-convenient cleaning sets.

An example of the latter is the condensed eco-friendly range from 'Greenleaf.' Each of the sets includes 100 napkins and three different fragrant water mixtures, which come in 'Lime,' 'Sea Spray' and 'Citrus Forrest.' To use the sustainable products, all one has to do is add a few drops of their choice of fragrant water mixture to a cleaning napkin. With this combination, consumers can safely clean the surfaces throughout their home, all while supplying it with a fresh and natural scent.

Also featured is the 'Caia,' a smart home robot that has the ability to illuminate rooms with natural sunlight. It works by using solar technology that enables it to redirect natural sunlight, so that it can cover areas in one's home that don't get enough. While it's well-known that natural sunlight can instantly make a space seem larger and more welcoming, it's also proven to boost one's mood and improve their health, especially in the dreary winter season.

From Boldly Patterned Seating Sets to Suspended Zen Gardens: