These Coral Lamps Emulate the Spectacular Asymmetries of Reef Formations

 - Aug 7, 2017
References: arturo-alvarez & design-milk
Design's best inspiration comes from nature, and this influence is especially pronounced in the ONN Collection of coral lamps. Designer Arturo Alvarez looked to the shapes formed from underwater life, from marine coelenterate exoskeletons to jellyfish. Backlit with bulbs, the delicate textures of the pieces emit an exquisite glow, establishing soothing interior atmospheres.

Stainless steel mesh is the primary material used to sculpt these pendant lamps, ceiling lamps and wall scones. The handmade treatment of the medium creates natural-looking imperfections in the organic volumes with their creased pleats and gentle waves. The textures are subtle enough that a coral lamp can be used as an understated feature in an otherwise detail-furnished room. However, the crimped surface is discernible enough that it can beautifully accent a minimalist space as well.