From Calming Bamboo Keyboards to Stone-Infused Sneakers

 - Sep 28, 2017
From bamboo-based keyboards to single-use paper plates and flatpack chair collections, the September 2017 eco design ideas challenge objects that consumers have come to appreciate to become even more sustainable.

Some of the other inventive eco designs introduce add-ons like the Mason Jar Watering Spout, which make it possible for consumers with a collection of Mason jar containers to easily water their plants without having to invest in a dedicated watering can that will only occupy space within the home. Multi-purpose items and attachments like these are top-of-mind to consumers who inhabit small-scale urban dwellings and are passionate about value and sustainability.

Across multiple industries, designers are incorporating natural elements into everything from sneakers and seating designs to lighting systems, offering a tangible way for tech-savvy individuals to root themselves back into the natural world.