Land of Nod's Personal Laptop Chalkboard is a Clever Children's Accessory

 - Aug 22, 2017
References: landofnod
Land of Nod's 'Byte-Size Personal Laptop Chalkboard' is a clever art tool that is modeled after a technological device. Specializing in children's home decor, and back-to-school accessories, Land of Nod appeals to families looking to replace screen time with imaginative and active play.

While most Millennials grew up playing outdoors or with traditional, and tactile toys, many members of Gen-Z are more likely to be exposed to technology even before they learn to speak. Despite of technology's positive aspects, screen time is being monitored by more and more parents in an effort to re-introduce new generations to hands-on, and educational toys.

This laptop-inspired chalkboard is compact and creativity-focused, encouraging children to sketch masterpieces while on the go. Additionally, the item is easy to erase, and is a tactile alternative to technological devices.