The Molletta Chair Features Dangerously Angular Legs

 - Aug 19, 2017
References: spini & design-milk
The sharply angular legs of the Molletta Chair were designed to be reminiscent of a wooden clothespin. In Italian, the thin clamps of the clothespin are known as the "moletta," which also served as the artist's main source of inspiration when creating this product. The theatrical slant of the chair was designed in such a way to encourage one to question whether or not the chair can actually support a human's weight.

The chair's long legs extend from the floor to the backrest, which offers support to the sitter. The interesting design was crafted by Hagar Bar-Gil, an Israeli designer who studied architecture in Florence, where it's common to see clothes air-drying from a balcony, clipped to a line using clothespins. The unique design is available in both white and black, and uses a light wood finish.