The Ara Bookshelf is for the Individual with a Limited Library

 - Aug 30, 2017
References: elvinchu & core77
Posing as an alternative to stifling and mundane shelving designs, the Ara Bookshelf offers a fresh take on book display and storage. Functioning under the premise that novels should be something home owners are proud of sharing, the Ara highlights one's paperbacks, while offering a unique design aesthetic.

The design wants to encourage those without a boundless collection of novels to display their prized possessions in a manner that doesn't require buying a bookcase, and filing it with books an individual has not yet read. Ara, made for the "transient reader with few books" playfully displays novels in a manner that is not commonly witnessed. The design encourages users to pick their books off the floor and put them on display in an electric yellow, attention-demanding tabletop case.