This Compact Adventure Knife is Inspired by Black Panther

French Designer Neco Nikolic launched an adventure knife that is described as "the perfect EDC micro blade." Inspired by Black Panther, the creator channeled his experience from the French military, his passion for outdoor adventure, as well as his interest in sharp and shiny objects. The result is an extremely compact, adaptable and versatile S35VN Titanium Micro Blade. The adventure knife is guaranteed to assist the consumer in a broad range of activities.

The product features a 2.8 millimeter thick and four-centimeter long American S35VN steel blade with Grade 5 titanium handles, a flipper, a fire striker notch, a clip and an optional tungsten carbide glass breaker. At only 6.6 centimeters when closed, the Black Panther micro adventure knife is perhaps one of the most convenient and powerful military-grade products on the market.

Photo Credits: Nico Nikolic