- Dec 16, 2018
Watches can range the gambit from incredibly expensive to shockingly affordable, but no matter the price all the watches on this timepiece gift ideas list showcase incredibly innovative creations.

Engraved watches generally come with a large price tag, but Wessex Watches aims to democratize these timepieces without sacrificing quality. Built on the idea of "true luxury, without the markup," Wessex Watches are all handmade by a group of skilled workers with an attention to detail. The watchmaker currently offers three timepieces, each with their own distinct style and aesthetic.

Also featured on this list is the intricately crafted HM9 Flow. Designed to immediately stand out from all other timepieces, this unique watch looks more like a wrist-worn kinetic sculpture. The HM9 Flow is driven by a custom-made movement that is manually wound to provide a 45-hour power reserve.

From Paladium-Built Pieces to Minimalist Unisex Watches: