The Peren Nera Watch is Inspired by the Devil's Lake from Nera Gorge

 - Jan 31, 2018
References: kickstarter
The Peren Nera watch is inspired by the mysterious existence of Devil's Lake within the Nera Gorges in Transylvania. The Swiss-crafted timepiece recalls the Transylvanian location through the color palette and design. The interesting color of the dial is meant to resemble the hues of Devil's Lake, while the dial's rim and case bezel represents the cave's shape. The case of the timepiece is crafted with three-tones—a sandblasted base, a matte base and a brushed black PVD coated bezel base—all of which are an ode to the diverse blend of the rough-edged caves and dark lake.

Each Peren Nera watch is crafted by hand in Switzerland in accordance to the Neo-Vintage design code. The timepiece uses only premium, high-quality materials such as scratch-resistant sapphire, genuine leather, steel buckles and stainless steel.