The Real Play Coalition's 'Open Einstein' Replicates a Genius' Playthings

 - Jan 31, 2018
References: openeinstein & 3dprint
'Open Einstein' by The Real Play Coalition is a project that involved taking a 3D scan of Einstein's original childhood toy blocks and replicating them in 3D printing files so that anyone can reproduce the toys and tap into their inner genius. As Einstein and many other revolutionary thinkers throughout history have used play as a tool for creative thinking, this playset offers a fun way for people of all ages to put themselves in a different mindset.

The Real Play Coalition is a collaboration between Unilever, the LEGO Foundation, the IKEA Group and National Geographic that aims to prioritize play as a means of teaching and encouraging disruptive thinking.

At the World Economic Forum, The Real Play Coalition brought along the original wooden box of building blocks that Einstein played with as a child, as well as 3D-printed replicas of the toys for people to play with.