'Heer' is an Ergonomically Designed Seating Solution for Breastfeeding

 - Oct 8, 2018
References: inviteheer & design-milk
While there are many privacy-centric seating solutions that have been developed for the workplace, 'Heer' sets itself apart as a breastfeeding-friendly bench for nursing mothers that provides privacy in public settings.

The ergonomically designed seating system was designed with places like airports, shopping centers and parks in mind, as it has a design that swivels, rocks and shields mothers and babies away from the eyes of the world. As the bench is designed for a public setting, the long portion of the bench is made to accommodate other people in public who could use a seat.

Breastfeeding in public only recently became legal in all 50 US states and although some public spaces now offer dedicated rooms or pods to provide nursing mothers and babies some degree of privacy, breastfeeding in public is still somewhat controversial.