OMY's RUB-ONS PARTY Collection Features Decals for Clothing, Shoes and More

 - Oct 31, 2018
References: us.omy-maison
OMY's RUB-ONS PARTY collection consists of easy-to-apply decals for clothing, shoes, electronic devices and more. These vibrant decals make customization easier than ever before and will appeal to fashionable kids and adults alike. Known for its vast selection of kid-friendly craft accessories and creative party supplies, OMY specializes in gifts that can be personalized by design lovers.

This collection of decals for clothing includes graphics of palm trees, smiling cupcakes, tigers, dinosaurs and other fun characters that are personified through vivid illustrations. Each set of rub-on stickers is designed at OMY's Paris-based studio and consists of 50% paper and 50% transfer paper, allowing for easy application just about anywhere -- from t-shirts and sneakers to mugs and even one's laptop.