Color Clues Helps Kids Participate in Treasure Hunts Before They Can Read

 - Oct 22, 2018
References: colorclues & kickstarter
Kids love treasure hunts but they're hard to make. It takes time to come up with good clues, write it all out and get everything set up. And, if a kid can't yet read, then each clue has to be read to them and that takes away from their sense of accomplishment for solving the hunt.

Color Clues solves all of this. Setting up treasure hunts is as easy as placing sequences of colors around the house. Kids tap those colors into an app, which then plays the audio clues, leading them to more colors that unlock more clues and so on, to the end. They can solve entire treasure hunts completely on their own. The game comes pre-loaded with lots of great treasure hunts and also provides an easy interface to create your own treasure hunts. The treasure hunts users create can then be shared with other users, building an ever-growing database of content dreamed up by people all over the world.