Madison Reed Lets Consumers Try Over 40 Hair Colors in AR & Real-Time

 - Oct 30, 2018
References: madison-reed & prnewswire
For years, there have been virtual try-on tools for everything from nail polish and earrings to makeup, yet virtual hair colors have remained some of the most difficult to simulate in a realistic way—especially for consumers with dark hair who want to see how they might look in a lighter shade. Fortunately, as augmented reality technology has advanced, it has become easier for consumers to try on a range of realistic looks, hair colors included.

Users who visit Madison Reed's site via phone, tablet or desktop now have the chance to try on more than 40 Madison Reed hair colors virtually. By taking a photo or a selfie, consumers are able to quickly get a sense of how they might look with a new hair color. To make comparisons easy, the tool offers a split screen mode with a slider that shows two hair colors at once in real-time.