The Silk ASMR App Allows Users to Create their Own Perfect Soundscape

 - Oct 25, 2018
References: silkasmr
The Silk ASMR App is developed for users to create a custom optimal soundscape full of relaxing sounds and voices. The platform is comprised of over 200 soothing recordings that have been created by a pool of over 40 artists. It is perfect for calming one's mental state, physical body, and for falling asleep.

The goal of Silk ASMR is to initiate relevant organizations and additional ASMR research to dive deeper into how individuals can de-stress, or how it can be beneficial to those who suffer from insomnia or anxiety. Silk ASMR is also a platform for artists to showcase their work -- each artist also has a link for users to learn more about them and their content. Some current tracks on the list include sounds of trains, reading, wind, and more.