'Florence' Dives into the Complexity of Love and Romance

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: cnbc & engadget
'Florence' is a romantic video game that unconventionally employs love and companionship as a driving force. While typically games of love affairs feature action-packed scenarios such as kidnapping or murder, 'Florence' is a colorful whimsical adventure into the complexities of
loving emotions.

The romantic video game is created by Ken Wong— the developer behind 'Monument Valley,' and is optimized for iOS devices. The fictitious universe follows the 25-year-old Florence and her relationship with the cellist Krish. The romantic video game does not incorporate any real dialogue, but is rather an artful montage of the major milestones in their relationship -- from first dates to first fights. The narrative embraces the good parts and challenges in relationships, as well as the sacrifices and the compromises. In this sense, the romantic video game is extremely relatable.

Photo Credits: Florence Game