'Bad News' Hopes to Stop Misinformation By Teaching People How It Works

 - Feb 26, 2018
References: getbadnews & gizmodo
Bad News is a new browser-based game that hopes to help people become less susceptible to misinformation. The game was developed by Drog, a team of European journalists, media experts, academics and researchers from Cambridge. The game tasks players with spreading disinformation by impersonating important figures and creating fake accounts based on real organizations. The goal is to ultimately gain a significant online presence by building a "credible" news site.

Bad News hopes to better inform players of fake news and enforces resistance to it. The game will hopefully teach the public how certain news outlets function by having players walk in their shoes. Bad News also plays a role in helping players understand the implications of misinformation by offering a simulation within the game. The spread of misinformation has caused lasting impacts on the world and Bad News hopes to better inform players to prevent any further issues.

Image Credit: Bad News