'Queskr' Allows Users to Quickly Ask Questions and Get Answers

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: queskr & betalist
The 'Queskr' social network comes as results-driven platform that will enable users to interact with one another by utilizing questions as the main form of communication. The platform lets users provide a question to their network or to a specific group which can then be answered with a single tap or click to supercharge the interaction. This eliminates the need for endless chat or conversation when you're looking for a fast response to potential plans, a new purchase or whatever else.

Social networking hasn't changed much in recent years as main players like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat look to refine the basic premise of their solutions rather than create new functionalities. This is increasing the need for new options like 'Queskr' to satisfy consumers who are becoming tired of the existing networks.