From Interactive Musical Wallpapers to Gamified AR Workouts

 - Sep 29, 2017
As the September 2017 multimedia trends reveal, virtual reality technology is rapidly changing everything from the way we enjoy concerts and shows, to the way we workout at the gym.

Virtual reality has been changing the world of entertainment for years now and some of the latest advancements are more impressive than ever before. One such example is the Fox Sports VR app, which allows fans to watch the games they love in an entirely new format. Another example Vahana VR, which is a video platform that helps users stitch and stream 360-degree videos in real time.

Beyond entertainment, virtual reality is also transforming the exercise world with immersive workouts. As the September 2017 multimedia trends highlight, devices such as the StriderVR Treadmill add a whole new dimension to the typical workout routine.