These Mixed Reality Tools Draw the Gap Between Physical and Virtual

 - Aug 7, 2017
References: slimdesign &
It's interesting when you consider that most of our desktop utensils are either digital or analogue, and how we haven't yet seen many mixed reality tools such as these. SLIMDESIGN out of Amsterdam has been working to blur the boundaries between what's tangible and what's possible in the digital space with their enchanting concepts for a marker, a keyboard and a ruler.

The user begins be donning augmented reality goggles, through which he can see a projected interface in front of the particular tool in use. In holding the marker, for instance, the user can simply tap it to initiate a palette, presenting a full color wheel of ink options at the artist's disposal. The ruler can assist with the drawing of perfect shapes in both two and three dimensions. By bridging the gap between what’s tangible and what’s digital, these Mixed Reality Tools are actually better optimized for human ergonomics and imagination combined.