Trend Hunter Talks to 'Impossible Things' About Bringing Art to Life

 - Aug 6, 2017
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With the Super Early Bird deadline for Future Festival tickets just around the corner, Trend Hunter recently joined Impossible Things Co-Founders Alex Mayhew and Ian Kelso for a sneak peek at their upcoming Trend Safari. Set to take place at the world-renowned Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), the immersive excursion gives Future Festival attendees a chance to explore the world of augmented reality with their own two eyes.

Impossible Things is a Toronto-based "creative technology company that dreams up delightful new experiences that blend digital media with the physical world, and then makes them real." More specifically, the company uses augmented reality (AR) as a powerful tool for changing the way consumers experience new ideas and exchange information. These powerful multimedia experiences have earned the company more than 60 awards and have resulted in partnerships with top brands such as PWC, General Mills and Rogers.

To explain how they "make the impossible, possible," Impossible Things co-founders Alex Mayhew and Ian Kelso invited Trend Hunter to the AGO to see their latest exhibit -- the very same one that will be featured as one of this year's Trend Safaris. As Kelso explains, the average person only looks at art for about 17 seconds because they often lack the context to properly interpret the pieces. As a result, Kelso and Mayhew decided to take a number of different works at the AGO and reinterpret them in a modern-day context using mixed reality. To do this, Impossible Things remixed different pieces (a process also known as 'digital intervention'), to give viewers both the original statement and a new impression of the work.

To show Future Festival attendees how the exhibition is changing the way consumers view and interpret art, Impossible Things will be hosting a private Trend Safari at the AGO during Future Festival. During this time, participants will be able to explore the gallery and use their devices to view the remixed versions of different works. The idea is that Future Festival attendees will walk away from the experience feeling more connected with each work of art that they view.

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