The Solgaard Solarbank 3-in-1 Speaker System is Efficient

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: & thegadgetflow
The smartphone has shown us how a single piece of portable technology can serve a multitude of different functions, so product design is shifting to keep up as seen with the Solgaard Solarbank 3-in-1 Speaker System. The unit boasts a power speaker system that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or other device to play your favorite music whenever you want.

The device also boasts 4G solar panels that will work to draw power from the sun in a passive and direct manner, depending on what's available. The Solgaard Solarbank 3-in-1 Speaker System also works to provide power to your device for charging purposes up to six times or enable you to listen to music for up to 96 hours.