- Jul 28, 2018
We are currently in the midst of the technological era, where the online world strives and holds a strong impact on society, and the July 2018 social media trends continue to accelerate us deeper into a digitally-immersed world. Social media broadens itself massively over the years and can be surfed across a plethora of platforms. Its ability to merge the online and offline realities give it the power to bridge a space and time bias, making communication faster and easier with few barriers.

Social media can be accessed through essentially any device that can connect to the Internet. Some apps this month include 'YouClap,' which challenging users with dares within public or private groups. This bridges the space between all existing users, bringing them together on a platform to share an entertaining and fun experience. Another technological app is 'Heartbeat,' which is a way for users to earn money by posting content on their socials. This is a way for companies and individuals to benefit financially through online exposure.

From Paid Influencer Apps To Daring Challenge Apps: