Graydon's Superfood Mask + Scrub Features Single-Use Gel Caps

In the same way that one might turn to a supplement capsule to receive a dose of beneficial superfoods for the body, the Superfood Mask + Scrub from Graydon Skincare promises to nourish the skin.

The uniquely packaged skincare mask comes not in a squeezable tube or a plastic pot, but a glass jar that is filled with single-use gel capsules. While there are many mix-it-yourself skincare products on the market, this one offers additional assistance with pre-portioned ingredients.

After a capsule has been opened and its powdered contents emptied into a bowl, consumers may mix and match ingredients to their liking—Some options that Graydon Skincare suggests include everything from creamy cleansers and gentle facial soaps to kitchen staples like honey or yogurt.