- Jan 8, 2019
These narrative packaging innovations range from literature-inspired gin labels to AR-embedded candy wrappers. While examples like Copperfield London Dry Gin's labels are adorned with classic text from famed author Charles Dickens, KONTI's candy packaging and My Yeti's ice cream wrappers are each enhanced and brought to life with augmented reality software.

Other notable examples of narrative packaging include TO2M's feminine hygiene pads which feature a patented oxygen-releasing technology. Each package of pads boasts simplistic graphics -- referred to as "size definition badges" -- which are used to differentiate size, shape and more.

CliniCloud's tech-themed medicine packaging and Foster Farms' meat containers round off this list of narrative packaging examples and speak to consumers' growing desire for packaging that is not only visually striking and practical but also informative.

From Literature-Inspired Gin Labels to AR Candy Wrappers: