Up Front Brewery is Animating Its Moby Dick-Themed Beer Cans

 - May 25, 2018
References: freytaganderson & thedrinksbusiness
Up Front brewery recently partnered with creative design agency Freytag Anderson and 3D visualization specialist Render Studio to create Moby Dick-inspired AR packaging. The newly packaged beers will be featured on the brewery's core range: Ishmael, Yojo and Ahab, all of which feature designs that evoke images of the iconic Herman Melville novel. The physical labels on the Up Front cans feature black and white linocut images and a distinct nautical theme that reflects Up Front brewer Jake Griffins passion for design.

The decision to animate the cans through AR was led by Freytag Anderson's Greig Anderson, and was meant to showcase the movement of the can's designs and to create a unique experience for drinkers. While the AR functionality only works on a few beers in the Up Front line, the brewer hopes that future AR integration can be done to more products.